Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My internship

I know it has been awhile since I've written but I am finally trying to catch up. I'm just trying to get used to my new schedule. I feel like everything in my life is new. Nothing is the same at all. Thankfully I have a Father who is consistent and never changes. So I won't go into the details of how my life is really different even in the last two weeks but I so want to talk about my internship (or my clinical practicum as those of us on the inside like to call it). Ok my site is in Downingtown at the Devereux Day School. It is nice because it is only a half hour from Phoenixville. I was worried that I would be placed in New Jersey or something. I think it is going to be tough but I really good experience. My first week (last week) consisted of training with the school. I had crisis prevention training and even self defense training...so don't try to beat me up because I am tough :). It was a little intimidating having the self defense class. I'm am just here for an internship and have no intention of needing to use the moves I've learned. Let me explain about the school. It is a school for kids who mostly have behavioral problems. They can't function well in a public school so they come to the Day School. There are also two other campuses that are residential. Some of the kids come to the Day School after living at the other schools for awhile. So these are tough kids. And middle school and high schoolers. I was nervous about that age group but I think it will be fine. I am glad that I got placed here becasue it is nothing I would have chosen for myself. I know I am going to learn so much and that is what I am here for. So last week was a lot of watching and this week I got to start doing screenings. I gave hearing tests yesterday and today I did a language screen. Kate and I went to the Mapleton (residential) campus in Malvern today. Kate is one of my supervisors. She is really cool and not too far out of school herself. My main supervisor is also great but is at the third residential campus. Sorry for all of the intricate details. I HAVE MY OWN OFFICE. I was so excited when I saw it. I have four walls and everything. I even have my own computer and printer and little therapy table. So my experience has been positive so far. It is hard because it is a lot of work for no pay. I am there Monday through Thursday from 8:15 until 2, 3, or 4. Today I didn't get home until almost 5. So please pray for my finances. The SLP at the Mapleton Campus wants me to screen a few of the kids in Spanish. That's definitely a little intimidating but a good chance to use my Spanish. So I am excited about this new opportunity. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Boom here we go again"

I'm in a bloggin mood, really and truly. It's pretty rare for me. I felt like either blogging or journaling so Becca you should be thrilled with my choice :). I am really drawing closer to God lately. I feel at peace most of the time and the other times when I am my usual psycho self I am trying to turn to him more and more instead of freaking out. It's amazing the power of prayer. Rather than worrying or obsessing about something I am trying to pray about it. It really works.....no lie....no joke. Prayer is one powerful tool that we just don't ever use enough. I feel like my Christian walk is often like our shower here in our Phoenixville apartment. For those of you who don't know our shower is very tempermental. You turn it slightly one way and you are scalded with hot water, you turn it slightly the other way and it is freezing. It never seems to be just right. That is how I often am. My water may seem just right but then I turn it slightly and it becomes too cold. I down spiral until I am freezing cold in my walk with Christ. Then there are the other times that I seem to be scalding hot and on fire. It is never "just right though" because it is usually a short period of time that is not real so it becomes freezing very quickly. I can never have my water be "just right". No matter how much I adjust the nozzle I can never get my water to the right temperature. I need God to regulate my water temperature because I can't do it on my own. So enough with the stupid analogy. I am no Lynette. I am craving our prayer group. I really miss the fellowship and prayer time we used to have. It would be so nice to start it up again. Anyone agree? We should at least try. I am thinking maybe Tues nights? So that's it for now.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A card carrying member of the club

I am now a member of the animal murderer's club (with it's President as Lynette :)). I hit a bunny last night. It was very tragic. I was very sad. It's quite sad to hit a cute animal. It's one thing to run over an ugly animal but a cute one is a different story. The poor bunny never knew what was coming. I called Lynette so she could mourn with me. I was unable to take Whitehorse Rd tonight because I did not want to see the poor bunny's remains splattered on the road. So this blog is in memory of that dear sweet bunny.
Happy one year blog to me!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Doing as I'm told

I am writing this so Becca has something new to read. I was going to write anyways but I am doing it because she told me so :). Sunday was a very interesting day filled with many emotional highs and lows. The sermon at church in the morning was very good. It was about Jim Eliot and the other martyrs. It was a very touching story. After church I planned to go home to relax and clean. I ended up seeing Marc's room and staying for lunch. After lunch Marc and I were hanging out in his room and I felt a strong desire to get out of there. I really don't know why. I just needed to leave and so I did. Something just snapped. I felt so tired and so sad. He did nothing wrong but probably thinks I am mad at him. I called Lynette and I just felt so sad for no apparent reason. She talked me into going to the Bridge. I went home to take a nap. I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep. Lynette called me and woke me up and made me meet her at the Bridge because she is a big meanie (or so I thought at the time). It was awesome. I was touched right away by the worship time. It's the first time in awhile that I've been able to be free to worship. I usually let myself get distracted so I am unable to completely focus. Tonght was different. After the Bridge was over, I was still hungry for more. I wanted to stay focused on God so I decided to go for a drive. I wanted to continue worshipping and praying and so that's what I did. I drove past Pottstown then turned around and came back. It was amazing. For the first time in awhile I feel at peace. I usually feel stormy and turmoiled but tonight I feel calm. My unrest at Marc's had nothing to do with him but everything to do with him. I needed it to get me out of his room and onto the phone with Lynette. I needed Lynette to push me to meet her at the Bridge even though I really didn't want to. It's amazing what God uses to answer the desires of our hearts.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Silence is golden

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. I went home for a few days. It was really nice but busy. Becca, I really enjoyed your comment about your struggle with being a Christian in a non-Christian place. It is something that I often struggle with too. I will see you at the bridal shop tomorrow at 6:30. Lynette mentioned that it was 6 so if I am wrong about the time please call me.
I have been in a quiet mood lately. I really don't know why. I go through times when I do nothing but jabber away and others when I am pretty quiet. Right now I am not very talkative. I just don't feel like talking at all. It's very weird. I went out with Marc the other day because I knew it would be ok for us not to talk. I know that sounds horrible, but it is true. He is one of the only people in the world who understands the silent me. So to everyone sorry for my lack of chat, I'm sure it will come back soon :).