Monday, April 10, 2006

The art of bending the truth

I have come to find that AAA is my friend. Everytime I need them I know I can just give them a call and they will always come and pick me up and tow my car anywhere. Now I call that faithful. Unfortunately I usually can't count on the place where my car gets towed. I usually get teased and tossed around. They promise my car a date but they let it sit alone in the corner somewhere all weekend. It really plays with my emotions and leaves me confused and untrusting. I trust very few auto repair shops. I never know what they have up their sleeve. They say they will call but they never do. They say they will finish it by tomorrow or the next day or the day after but they never do. They sometimes even keep the poor Cavalier for 6 weeks at a time.....taunting me with promises of its return. My car trouble continues to follow me. Everyone thinks it is the car's fault but it has been so good to me. I really beat it up and cause it to work so hard. Anyways, my car broke down on the way to work on Friday. It was sudden but not too unexpected. I have become a pro at calling my faithful friend AAA and then calling my true friends (Lynette, Becca,etc.) and begging for rides and/or borrowing their cars. I rarely freak out when something happens to my car. I am actually pretty calm. For those of you who know me, I tend to not be so calm about everything else in my life. I guess I just know there is no way I can control my car breaking down so I know there is nothing I can freak out about. So anyways, the place I took it to said that they would try to look at it Fri but probably not until Sat. By the time Lynette had arrived it had been conveniently pushed to possibly Sat but probably not until Monday. Today I called around 2 p.m. and I was told that they were still checking it out and weren't sure what was wrong yet. I had to stop by to get my La Salle parking tag. My car was in the exact spot it had been on Fri.....meaning that they hadn't even gotten to it. Now why couldn't they just say that to me? Why do car places have to be masters in bending the truth?