Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Get together

Hey everyone
I would really love to have a get together at our place in P-ville before Nikki and Allen leave and after Lynette gets back. Let me know if there are times that work for everyone the week of July 31st.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I know y'all are probably shocked that I am posting for the third time in 3 days. I am just lonely and want a chance to tell my story. I really didn't expect to be this lonely. I usually crave the alone time and hide from people so I can relish in it. I really miss everyone though. I was really busy this week so I didn't have much time for people, but it's not the same coming home to an empty apartment. It's not the same going to two other empty homes to get the mail knowing the people I love are missing from those places. At least I have my choice of places to sleep :). I didn't mean to make this a pity party for me :). At keast tonight I had a lot of fun. A whole group of us went to Bennigans because of my manager leaving. There were so many people past and present who showed up. It was a huge reunion. It was great. Anyways, my story (don't worry, it's brief). I was going to Dave and Becca's earlier today (well Saturday because it is now 3 a.m. on Sunday) and I make a left hand turn. I momentarily freeze and feel a bit of panic because I'm not sure which lane I'm supposed to be in. It wasn't like I had a choice of lanes. There was only one going each way so I had to be in the right or the left. I just momentarily forgot which one was correct. Is that scary or what? I really am losing it.

Friday, July 21, 2006

AAA is my friend

I know I say this a lot but it is so true. I had a ditzy day which caused me to have car trouble but nothing too serious. It was just frustrating more than anything. I had my internship today (for those of you who don't know, it is at Moss Rehab in Philly--an outpatient rehab center for patients who have suffered from strokes and have aphasia problems) and my supervisor from La Salle was going to come observe me. That was intimidating enough. I also had issues with my first patient. I wasn't sure if he was going to pass out on me or fall asleep but he put his head down and then put his head back and his eyes rolled back in his head. It was a little scary. Of course my supervisor from La Salle was sitting behind me and got to see me fumble through therapy after that. He told me that he could tell I was an even -tempered, calm, pretty level person. That made me want to laugh and it probably makes you laugh if you know me well enough :). I guess it went ok though. So about my car...I left my internship and went to get my car. I use valet parking every Friday I am there because I don't have another option. I try to turn on my car and I get nothing, NADA. My first thought was, "What did they do to my car?" I try again and my second thought was, "Did they give me the wrong key?" I thought this because somehow my keychain and all my keys ended up on the floor in the car and the car key ended up hanging up in the valet office. That had never happened before. Usually they keep the whole keychain together. So I check the trunk and it opens it. I return to the valet office and they call security to come jump me. Meanwhile my supervisor (from the rehab not La Salle) comes walking out to leave. She is all motherly and sweet and insists on staying until she sees me drive away. I realized that I had left my lights on.....OOPs. Usually I don't turn them on during the day but I had driven in the rain in the morning and in NY if it is raining you must have your lights on so it is still habit for me. Since I had my car valeted (is that even a word?) I didn't think about it because I wasn't the last one to drive my car. So the security guy jumps my car and I am on my way to BBB (a little late of course) from the city. I think on my way there that I must do stupid things when my La Salle sup is observing me because last time I was observed I locked my keys in the car. My site supervisors helped me out both times. So I get to BBB and I change into my sneakers and leave my car and of course I lock my keys in the car. I left the keys on the seat while changing shoes. I walk into BBB and tell my boss. He shakes his head because he knew I had needed a jump start about an hour earlier. My car is a legend at BBB. He tells me he will try to open it after close. The sad thing about tonight was that it was John's (the manager on duty) last night at our store. I am so crushed that he is leaving. He is such a wonderful guy. Kidron (another guy I work with) and John used a coat hanger to try to get to the lock in the pouring rain. Of course it waited until we were outside to start raining. I had called AAA to come but they can take awhile so John and Kidron tried to get it open. Kidron says he likes to conquer machines. Katie waited in her car next to us and gave the guys random things to use to pry it open (like kid's sunglasses). It was kind of a nice bonding experience because John is leaving and John, Kidron, and I have worked together for 3 years. They are like family. So anyways, they are working on it when AAA pulls up. It was a crew...literally. There was a car full of people AND a dog. They hop out of the car and tell me they are the fastest at getting doors open. The man tells his crew what tools he needs and he opens it in less than a minute. It was amazing.

Lights out?

I decided to take Becca's title because I can twist it to use it how I mean it. I was going to use "Walking in darkness" but I decided to be a word thief instead :). So I spent the last two days without electricity. I know all of you around here know about the horrific storm but I want to update all of my buddies who abandoned me this week. I was on my way to Marc's on Tuesday and it went from daylight to dark as night. The clouds seemed swirly and it was very windy and then a horrible storm hit. I was driving through Exton and all of these trees and branches started crashing around me. It was quite scary. I kept trying to take back rodes to avoid the power outages on Rt 100 and Rt 30 but I kept having to turn around because of a tree blocking my way. It took me awhile but I made it to Marc's safely. He didn't have power but I'm thankful for my pen ligjht. The storm calmed down a bit after awhile so I decided to head to Phoenixville to see if I had power. I was going to go to Dave and Becca's as a last resort. I figured with keys to three places, at least one would have power. Driving to Phoenixville didn't look good because everything was out. At this time it was sunset. So I got to see the sky go from light to dark to sunset. Very interesting. I finally got to my place to find out I did have power. I didn't lose power until the next morning. Power outages are quite lonely when all of your friends are out of town and there is no one to share it with. Anyways, I headed to work (BBB had power but we stay open even if there is no power...sick, I know). Phoenixville was insane. Imagine the light at 113 and 23 intersection with no stop light. Phoenixville is crazy enough with functioning power. It looked like a tornado had come through the town. I found out later that there was a confirmed tornado that touched down in Phoenixville but there were probably tornados that hit all over the place. After work I assumed my power would be back on but it wasn't. My neighbors were all sitting around with candles. It's amazing how dark it truly gets. One of my neighbors told me the power wouldn't be back on until Saturday (and this was Wednesday night). Since I didn't have power, my clocks weren't working, my car clock isn't right, and my cell phone couldn't be charged so I had no sense of time nor any way to wake me up for work Thurs morning. I decided to go to Marc's because I figured he had power back (the Exton BBB had lost power and had their calls forwarded to us but they got power back so I assumed Marc had too). So even though it was 12:30ish I decided to take the quick 15 min trip there. Easier said than done. 113 was closed off because of trees and electricity work so I had to take a detour. Unfortunately it wasn't a marked detour, it was one I had to make on my own. I ended up on these back roads in the middle of the night without a working cell phone in pitch blackness. I was actually terrified which is unusual for me in situations like that. I could just see my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, me without a cell phone and no clue to where I was. I came to a road marked closed so I had to turn on the other road. This road should have been marked closed. I had to drive under a tree in the road. It had fallen and barely left enough space for me to drive under. Thank God I had a small car because I know a larger one would not have made it. There were large trees down in the road everywhere but I made it out. I just kept driving and driving until I came out to a familiar road. I eneded up on 401 pretty far down. I made it to Marc's around 1:30 a.m. (it had taken me an hour to get there instead of 15-20 min). Now I have power back here too so everything is fine. Time to shower so I can drive into Philly for my internship. My supervisor from La Salle is coming today to observe me.....eeek.