Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm a slacker and a thief

Jess, I liked your idea so I decided it was my turn. So here are my high/lows for Christmas:

High: actually spending time with my family rather than just driving here for the day and driving back to Philly area. This is the first year in awhile that I haven't worked in retail over Christmas. I was never able to get time off before. It's nice just getting to be here.

High: Seeing Alicia open her gifts and say, "OOOh, Nice!!" and "Thank you" after every gift.

High: Keeping tradition and watching Christmas Vacation with the family.

Low: Breaking tradition because Cindy and Josh were unable to make it to the Christmas Eve service at my parents' church. They had to go to their own church because Josh is the youth pastor.

High/Low: Having a semi-white Christmas. It was a patches of snow and snow piles Christmas at my parents' house but my aunt's area still had snow on the ground so it was a "White Christmas" for a part of the day. There was still a few inches of snow in Waverly until the day I arrived. They had pouring rain all day that melted all of the snow and caused flooding :(,

High: Being surprised with seeing my cousins whom I haven't seen in years. Everyone on my dad's side was together for the first time in years.

Low: Being sick and having a hacking cough.

High: I called my doctor and she called in medicine for me. What a blessing!!

Low: Celebrating Christmas with a FAKE Christmas tree. I'm still bitter about this, even years later. I'm not anti-fake trees for other people but my family is a bunch of traitors. My uncle is a Christmas tree farmer so we really should have a real one. My dad had wanted a fake one for years because he no longer had kids to help him decorate the tree. My mom swore she would always get real ones because she liked them so much more. My sister liked real ones too. Then she married a man who likes fake ones and she decided to convert. Well this influenced my mom to get a fake one as well. I threatened not to come home for Christmas because of the fake tree but of course it didn't work :). I do have to admit that it is nice for a fake tree. However, it's just not the same. So as I said, I'm still bitter (Don't worry Josh, I still love ya even though you influenced my family to buy fake trees).

High: Bonding and playing with my niece. I love hearing her say my name over and over again, "Hi Nia"

High: Taking Alicia to Chuck E. Cheese all by myself. I rarely get to spend time with just her. She had a blast but I forgot my camera!! I was so upset with myself.

High: Having dinner with high school friends.

Low: Knowing that Christmas may never be the same because Josh and Cindy are moving to Maine.

High: Finally getting the heat fixed in my car!!

High: Getting much needed rest and relaxation.

That's all I can think of for now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I love y'all.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm a blog slacker

I admit it. I have once again slacked on updating my blogs and keeping updated on my friends' blogs. This is the first time I've set foot into any blog in a few weeks. I don't have too much time but I thought I would update everyone on my new job. My last day at my old job was the week of Thanksgiving. It was hard to say good-bye. Everyone was so nice and gave me little gifts, cards, and even a little good-bye breakfast. It was a great school but I really feel like I did the right thing. I was supposed to start my new job last Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving), but alas, my old job decided to hold some paperwork hostage. They said that my file was already in the warehouse. Of course the ink hadn't even dried on my resignation letter at this time. I called Monday, my last day had been Wed., and Thurs and Fri were both holidays. It annoyed me so much because it really made me look bad to my new job. It made me look like I had screwed the old job or something.....y'all know this is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE. I went above and beyond for them even until the bitter end. Ask Lynette how many late nighters I pulled in order to get paperwork done for the incoming SLP. They treated me badly and it was a costly mistake. They actually lost the account when I left. The district is now hiring its own SLP rather than using the IU. I felt a little bad about it at first but now I feel like they are getting what they deserve. Of course $80,000 or so is nothing to a big company like that. They would have only lost $6,000 if they decided to actually pay me for my masters. Anyways, enough of that. This entry is supposed to be about my new job. I love my new job. I am now working with Early Intervention (EI) so the kids are 3-5 year-olds. The environment is so wonderful. I actually have other speech people in the same office with me. It is nice to have someone to vent or talk to who gets the stress of my job. I really did love the teachers at my old school. They were wonderful.....However, it was hard because I was the only SLP in the entire building. Now I have a network of support right here......and they are so nice. We take time to eat lunch together and talk. I never took time to eat lunch before. I was always eating with one hand and doing paperwork with the other (if I took time to eat at all). This job is also so much more casual than the other job. I feel like they care more about the actual therapy and the kids than they do about appearances. My old job put appearances before everything. I feel like this environment is more me. Some of the kids can't even talk. I've never really had to deal with kids with such severe deficits. I think it will be a challenge. I feel like these kids really need my help more than the kids on my previous caseload. I feel blessed to be in this location. It was definitely the right thing to do.