Thursday, July 31, 2008

I guess the window is clean

I woke up this morning to a very odd sound. I heard a pouding against my window. Since I had broken the blind in my attempts to put it down from my bed last night, I could see out of the window clearly. What I saw was a bird pounding against the window, attempting to get in. Apparently the window was so clean that the bird did not realize there was glass and tried to fly in a few times. It was seriously straight from a Windex commercial.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I watched it burn

Today I watched Bed, Bath, and Beyond burn. Really and seriously. It was quite a surreal experience. It shook me up more than I expected it to. I was worried for my former co-workers and friends and shocked that it was happening. I stood there in a silent, shocked awe watching a place I had spent so much time in just burn. I guess it was struck by lightning. It started with a few flames in the towel room and turned into a huge fire. The towel room is probably the most flammable room in the whole place. They were still trying to put the fire out when we left over an hour after it had started. We saw smoke pouring out of the windows and they were all over the place trying to put it out. They had to tear down the outside wall in order to get to it. I could see my old buddy the Customer Service sign through all of the smoke. It's funny because we used to always joke about burning the place down when we were stressed about working there. We also would talk about what would happen if it were to burn down. None of us ever thought it would actually happen though. Thankfully no one was hurt. Please pray for my old co-workers though because many of them will be without jobs.

On another note, for those of you who don't know, I got an apartment. God provided and I move in on Tuesday!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I am going to be homeless in 21 days. This didn't scare me originally because I have a co-worker who said I can live with her for awhile. I just found out that I may not be able to stay with her. I don't really know details, but she is going to call me later. I wasn't worried but now I'm definitely a little scared. I have had roommates or housing situations and then it has fallen through several times. I wonder if I should start taking it personally :). I was feeling like I was being called to Maine but now I just don't know. I was going to stay with my co-worker for a few months then move to Maine in Nov or Dec. Now I have nowhere to stay so I may have to settle for a place in the area. It is so expensive to live alone in this area......Yikes. Please pray for me.