Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I am excited because I am going home this weekend. I am supposed to be hosting my sister's bridal shower. I am in charge of the games. So if anyone has any ideas for cute games please let me know. It is a Jack and Jill party for Cindy and Josh's friends. That means that both guys and girls are invited (rather than just the women). So I think it will be about 20 or 30 twenty year olds. I will probably have a questionaire about Cindy and Josh to see who can answer the most questions. Any other suggestions? I am excited about being my sister's maid of honor. I think that this time the wedding will happen :). It's amazing how people can change and people can forgive. My sister put up with so much with Josh. I mean he called the wedding off a month before it was supposed to happen. It amazes me how she was able to forgive and trust him again. I guess love endures all. I am also excited because my best friends are coming home with me for her wedding (Becca, Lynette, and Dave). I can't believe how fast it is coming. Soon my baby sister will be a wife. Whoa. So you can all pray for her upcoming wedding.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Yet another depressing entry

Becca pointed out that my entries are always depressing and negative. She is right of course. My blog definitely shows a lot of my negative attitudes...especially lately. I just use my blog as a way to outlet to my frustrations and negative feelings. It is a good release for me. I look at my journal and all of those entries are negative too. For some reason I only have ganas to write when I am in a bad mood. That is when my true feelings come out. So those of you who read this, I am not this negative or grumpy all of the time. Probably most of you already know this because you probably know me fairly well. Anyways, having said that onto my latest negativity. I am having a hard time being around people lately. I really don't know why. I just want to retreat off into a corner by myself or be by myself and I feel like I never get the chance. I just feel so suffocated lately. That makes me push away the people I am closest to. I just feel like I need a breather...a retreat somewhere alone so I can reflect and pray. I know part of it is because I have been struggling with saddness and anger. I just act horribly sometimes when I try so hard not to. I love people and I feel lonely when I don't have anyone around. It amazes me how you can be surrounded and still feel all alone. I don't know why I am writing this in here. It is probably too personal. Anyways, I really do love all of you even when I don't show it.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Floppy days

I needed to put money on my card to do laundry and saw an empty computer so I decided to update my blog briefly. I have nothing to report really. Just the same craziness. I went to Crossroads tonight which was nice. I am usually happy when I go. I am really tired of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My boss is such a jerk to me. I really can't stand going into work. I am also so tired of retail. It is not for me. I am not passionate about it at all. I am seriously considering leaving. Please pray for me and this decision. I also found out that my sister is pretty sick and they don't know what is wrong with her. She spent today in the hospital having tests done. Today is also her 22nd birthday. Poor girl. They thought she had kidney stones and wanted to admit her into the hospital but she would not allow it. Apparently she was misdiagnosed. Please pray for her. Hmmm, que mas? I have felt quite blah all week. My friend from Spain refers to them as "Floppy days", not good, not bad, just floppy. I have also had a headache that I can't shake. Right now I am actually in a decent mood. It is a rare thing these days :). Anyways, enough for now.