Thursday, March 03, 2005

Floppy days

I needed to put money on my card to do laundry and saw an empty computer so I decided to update my blog briefly. I have nothing to report really. Just the same craziness. I went to Crossroads tonight which was nice. I am usually happy when I go. I am really tired of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My boss is such a jerk to me. I really can't stand going into work. I am also so tired of retail. It is not for me. I am not passionate about it at all. I am seriously considering leaving. Please pray for me and this decision. I also found out that my sister is pretty sick and they don't know what is wrong with her. She spent today in the hospital having tests done. Today is also her 22nd birthday. Poor girl. They thought she had kidney stones and wanted to admit her into the hospital but she would not allow it. Apparently she was misdiagnosed. Please pray for her. Hmmm, que mas? I have felt quite blah all week. My friend from Spain refers to them as "Floppy days", not good, not bad, just floppy. I have also had a headache that I can't shake. Right now I am actually in a decent mood. It is a rare thing these days :). Anyways, enough for now.


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