Friday, July 21, 2006

Lights out?

I decided to take Becca's title because I can twist it to use it how I mean it. I was going to use "Walking in darkness" but I decided to be a word thief instead :). So I spent the last two days without electricity. I know all of you around here know about the horrific storm but I want to update all of my buddies who abandoned me this week. I was on my way to Marc's on Tuesday and it went from daylight to dark as night. The clouds seemed swirly and it was very windy and then a horrible storm hit. I was driving through Exton and all of these trees and branches started crashing around me. It was quite scary. I kept trying to take back rodes to avoid the power outages on Rt 100 and Rt 30 but I kept having to turn around because of a tree blocking my way. It took me awhile but I made it to Marc's safely. He didn't have power but I'm thankful for my pen ligjht. The storm calmed down a bit after awhile so I decided to head to Phoenixville to see if I had power. I was going to go to Dave and Becca's as a last resort. I figured with keys to three places, at least one would have power. Driving to Phoenixville didn't look good because everything was out. At this time it was sunset. So I got to see the sky go from light to dark to sunset. Very interesting. I finally got to my place to find out I did have power. I didn't lose power until the next morning. Power outages are quite lonely when all of your friends are out of town and there is no one to share it with. Anyways, I headed to work (BBB had power but we stay open even if there is no power...sick, I know). Phoenixville was insane. Imagine the light at 113 and 23 intersection with no stop light. Phoenixville is crazy enough with functioning power. It looked like a tornado had come through the town. I found out later that there was a confirmed tornado that touched down in Phoenixville but there were probably tornados that hit all over the place. After work I assumed my power would be back on but it wasn't. My neighbors were all sitting around with candles. It's amazing how dark it truly gets. One of my neighbors told me the power wouldn't be back on until Saturday (and this was Wednesday night). Since I didn't have power, my clocks weren't working, my car clock isn't right, and my cell phone couldn't be charged so I had no sense of time nor any way to wake me up for work Thurs morning. I decided to go to Marc's because I figured he had power back (the Exton BBB had lost power and had their calls forwarded to us but they got power back so I assumed Marc had too). So even though it was 12:30ish I decided to take the quick 15 min trip there. Easier said than done. 113 was closed off because of trees and electricity work so I had to take a detour. Unfortunately it wasn't a marked detour, it was one I had to make on my own. I ended up on these back roads in the middle of the night without a working cell phone in pitch blackness. I was actually terrified which is unusual for me in situations like that. I could just see my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, me without a cell phone and no clue to where I was. I came to a road marked closed so I had to turn on the other road. This road should have been marked closed. I had to drive under a tree in the road. It had fallen and barely left enough space for me to drive under. Thank God I had a small car because I know a larger one would not have made it. There were large trees down in the road everywhere but I made it out. I just kept driving and driving until I came out to a familiar road. I eneded up on 401 pretty far down. I made it to Marc's around 1:30 a.m. (it had taken me an hour to get there instead of 15-20 min). Now I have power back here too so everything is fine. Time to shower so I can drive into Philly for my internship. My supervisor from La Salle is coming today to observe me.....eeek.


At 8:48 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Good grief, Nina! I had no idea y'all were going through that up there! Y'all have definitely had more than your fair share of weird weather this year, I'd say. Quite an adventure! So glad you're okay! Love you!

At 7:23 PM, Blogger jc4ever40 said...

Hey hun! That was a CRAZY STORM!!!! And scary also!!! At my house, we never lost power strangely! It flickered and that was it... I know some people from work who still don't have power and all!!! I am really glad that you are ok! Love ya!

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Oh my goodness! I had NO IDEA this was going on back home!!! You know you're welcome to go to our house..but MAN what down here helping out from their storm and PA getting damaging storms AGAIN!!! Whew! I love you NIna. I'm so sorry you're by your own. Wanna sleep over sometime in the near least til Lynette gets'll be sharing the house with one or three of my little sisters, but hey, the more the merrier...I miss you!


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