Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm a slacker and a thief

Jess, I liked your idea so I decided it was my turn. So here are my high/lows for Christmas:

High: actually spending time with my family rather than just driving here for the day and driving back to Philly area. This is the first year in awhile that I haven't worked in retail over Christmas. I was never able to get time off before. It's nice just getting to be here.

High: Seeing Alicia open her gifts and say, "OOOh, Nice!!" and "Thank you" after every gift.

High: Keeping tradition and watching Christmas Vacation with the family.

Low: Breaking tradition because Cindy and Josh were unable to make it to the Christmas Eve service at my parents' church. They had to go to their own church because Josh is the youth pastor.

High/Low: Having a semi-white Christmas. It was a patches of snow and snow piles Christmas at my parents' house but my aunt's area still had snow on the ground so it was a "White Christmas" for a part of the day. There was still a few inches of snow in Waverly until the day I arrived. They had pouring rain all day that melted all of the snow and caused flooding :(,

High: Being surprised with seeing my cousins whom I haven't seen in years. Everyone on my dad's side was together for the first time in years.

Low: Being sick and having a hacking cough.

High: I called my doctor and she called in medicine for me. What a blessing!!

Low: Celebrating Christmas with a FAKE Christmas tree. I'm still bitter about this, even years later. I'm not anti-fake trees for other people but my family is a bunch of traitors. My uncle is a Christmas tree farmer so we really should have a real one. My dad had wanted a fake one for years because he no longer had kids to help him decorate the tree. My mom swore she would always get real ones because she liked them so much more. My sister liked real ones too. Then she married a man who likes fake ones and she decided to convert. Well this influenced my mom to get a fake one as well. I threatened not to come home for Christmas because of the fake tree but of course it didn't work :). I do have to admit that it is nice for a fake tree. However, it's just not the same. So as I said, I'm still bitter (Don't worry Josh, I still love ya even though you influenced my family to buy fake trees).

High: Bonding and playing with my niece. I love hearing her say my name over and over again, "Hi Nia"

High: Taking Alicia to Chuck E. Cheese all by myself. I rarely get to spend time with just her. She had a blast but I forgot my camera!! I was so upset with myself.

High: Having dinner with high school friends.

Low: Knowing that Christmas may never be the same because Josh and Cindy are moving to Maine.

High: Finally getting the heat fixed in my car!!

High: Getting much needed rest and relaxation.

That's all I can think of for now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I love y'all.


At 6:37 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

A new post from Nina! That's a high for ME! =)

Sounds like you had a really great Christmas. I'm so glad you got to spend more time with your family - I know that means a lot to you. And nieces.....*sigh* Aren't the wonderful? Shelby and I were nearly inseparable on Christmas Day. She's my little buddy. (She's actually kind of a mini-me, because Scott and I gave her a camera for Christmas, and she was following me around all day taking pictures of whatever I took pictures of. She turns 6 next week. I can't believe that.)

Check your email. I'm FINALLY sending Jess's address....though you prob'ly have it already.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

gotta agree with you WHOLE HEARTEDLY on the fake christmas tree thing! That's just treacherous and you can tell Josh and your parents that I think so. And your mom and Cindy are like...traitors or something because they didn't stay true to their original oath to the Christmas tree!!! OH the humanity!!
I'm glad your heat is fixed. That's a DEFINITE high. That makes me thrilled inside.
I'm sorry your sick. We must be sisters byheart or something. My heart must have sensed your were sick too and in a wretched act of empathy it sucked some of your pain and suffering over the miles to CT where I caught your bug. That's the only logical explanation for it!

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Oh, and if you and Jess had facebook, you'd be able to message Jess J yourselves and get the address straight from the horses mouth!

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Oh, Nina..........I'm sorry. I thought - really I did - that I had emailed you or something to thank you.........but obviously I didn't. I feel so bad!

I got it....wait, when did I get it? I don't remember, but I did get it. And I LOVE it! The ornament is precious - I used that whole thing of bubble wrap to protect it in the box of ornaments. (Never seen pink bubble wrap before.) And I can't WAIT to dive into that book. It seems! =) Thank you so much for thinking of me and going to the effort to send that down here. That meant so much to me, and it absolutely made my day. Maybe my Christmas. It was like a hug from afar. Thank you!

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

You couldn't be any sweeter if you tried. I love you!

Now that I know some of the story behind it all, I love it even more. It didn't even occur to me that that might be where the ribbon was from! (And it might seem weird, but I LOVE used books....especially hand-me-downs, kinda, from my friends. Something about knowing they've been all over every makes it special.)

How are you feeling?


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