Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mother doesn't always know best

(Another during the day treat for you Jess)

I want to share this story with y'all because it is pretty funny. Last week Lynette, Becca C., Mom, and I went to the King of Prussia Mall to shop. Before we went to the mall we stopped to get gas beyond the mall. We needed to turn around in order to go back to the mall. We came to a light with a sign posted for no U-turns. However, three cars in front of me did illegal u-turns. I was about to follow them but decided against it. I paused and said, "I better not because, knowing my luck with cars, I will be the one to get caught." My mom told me to do it anyways because 3 other cars had done it. I was about to listen to her but decided not to. Like, I said, I know my car karma :). Just as I had paused a cop car coming from the other direction turned on his lights and pulled over the last car in the line of 3 cars who had done the illegal u-turns!!!We all watched and laughed in amazement. It was so surreal. If I had listened to my mother, it would have been me who got pulled over (because I would have been the last car!!!). I guess this proves that mother doesn't always know best :).

*I should qualify this by saying that mother ususally knows best........my mom is one smart lady :).*


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Yep....I came to your blog just to see if there was anything, and sure enough!

Didn't you get pulled over for something similar to that with Lynette before? It seems like I read that on your "list of bad karma" or something like that. I might have made that up, though, because it just seems to fit.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Hmm.....yeah....didn't think about that. I have a lot of other pictures of you that I like a lot, but those were all I had still on my computer. What can I say....between the breakdowns and car chases, you were very photogenic that day! =)

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you didn't make that Uturn!!! Maybe it means your car luck just took a U turn!!! Ha ha!


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