Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sometimes you need a good scream

Thursdays I have off so you would think I would enjoy them. However, I have two three hour classes. Six hours of classes is not fun. It's hard for me to sit and pay attention for that long. I only got three hours of sleep last night too so I was extra sleepy. I also had two tests today. All I wanted to do after my last class was go home and take a nap or do nothing. I dragged myself to Crossroads because it had been awhile since I had gone. I really didn't want to go and to be social. I wanted to go home and enjoy having the apartment to myself. I'm glad I went though. I am usually glad when I go, it is just hard for me to get there. I have no free nights and it is hard to give up the one free night I could possibly have. It was definitely worth it though. Afterwards I went to the West Chester Diner with Lynette, Jen, and Ruth. It was nice. I often forget that I miss hanging out with people. Right now I am supposed to be doing schoolwork :). Last night I came home to an upset and stressed Becca. I was pretty upset and stressed myself. I had to call Marc to vent even though he had already heard the story from Becca. So the balcony above our apartment is rotting and causing the leak. We are worried about it being a fire hazzard because there are wires in that wall for our living room and our kitchen. I called the leasing office again today but the woman who will be able to help me wasn't in today (of course). I also heard them pounding away upstairs so hopefully they were able to fix something. Our apartment smells and it is such an eyesore. They will need to replace the walls. Becca rearranged the furniture so everthing is on one side of the living room. We really can't do too much more. Today I felt so stressed about a lot of things. I was overwhelmed with things I have to do and money that I owe. I went from crying to screaming and back to crying again. It's funny how quickly emotions can change. Sometimes you just need a good scream.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger jc4ever40 said...

Hey my dear nina,
I am finally responding to your blog. I am sorry you had such a long and draining day! Im sorry you gave up your only free night. But it was awesome to see you and to hang out afterwards. I miss hanging out with the crew. I am also sorry about the whole roof and water incident not that I really can do anything. Its not in my power... hehe.. But I really hope they fix the problem and they fix your walls and damage and all. I hope you guys don't have a fire or anything that would suck being so close to your neighbors and all! well take care! And try and take it easy! It was great seeing you last night! Love you!

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Nikki said...

It appears as though January is the month to scream. I have a funny story to share about screaming and I think you will appreciate it the most. I'll post it on my blog in a few mins. I hope that you are turning over all your worries to the Lord....... for He is good and faithful!


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