Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Stupidity is costly

I really can't think of anything to write. I am basically just writing for the sake of writing something. I found out today that my tire will probably cost $250 to fix. That really frustrates me because it was out of stupidity that I busted my tire. It would be different if I had been driving and drove over a nail. At least the mistake would have been out of my control. Now I have to pay for my stupid mistake. Maybe I just need to sleep more :). Curbs don't jump out and attack people who are well rested :). Everyone from work enjoys picking on me about it. Everyone seems to know about it. My new nickname is "Crash". That's ironic because that was my nickname in high school too. I am scared because my dad told me a story about how his tire popped off while he was driving with only 4 lug nutts and almost killed him. I have been driving on my donut a lot and will be driving all the way to Blue Bell tomorrow. I should get my new piece in tomorrow. Just one more thing I have to take care of and more to add to my schedule. Hopefully classes will be cancelled tomorrow because of the snow forecasted. I could definitely use some time to relax. I have been rather numb this week. I have experienced small doses of reality and I am starting to realize things. It has been easier than I expected but hard at the same time. I know I'm being vague and I have no intention of being more specific.


At 4:58 PM, Blogger Nikki said...

Be careful driving on that donut. It is normal to drive slower when you are using one of those, because they are less sturdy. If possible it is recommened to get a full size spare. Be especially careful in the snow!!

Ps. nice pic of dad in a cow suit. LOL,,,,,,,,,hahahahahahaha


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