Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Taking care of business

I have so many blonde moments. It is difficult to count them. It is rare that these momentary acts of stupidity actually benefit me. Today I got up early with the intention of going to Montgomery County Community College and begging the professor to let me take his Genetics class. I got out of bed and showered and everything. I got online to get directions to the school and realized that classes don't start until tomorrow and therefore my class doesn't start until Thursday. It was such a blessing because I have so much to do and had no time to do it in. I am booked solid with work or school or plans until Saturday. I need this morning to get everything done. I woke up feeling stressed about when I would get my errands done and now I have this awesome sense of relief. God does take care of me even when I'm not faithful to him.
This weekend was long and busy like they usually are. I quit one of my jobs though. It was hard to do but it had to be done. My boss didn't even seem to care. I wish this meant I will be less busy but I know it's not the case. It is weird to think that during the summer I will have only one full time job and nothing else. I am used to always having at least two jobs. I wonder what I will do with my time. It sadly freaks me out. I will actually have a normal schedule.
This weekend I acted badly and tried to keep one of my closest friends at a distance. I am just afraid of getting hurt so I try to keep people from getting in. I hate it when I do it but many times I feel like I can't stop myself. I felt like pulling away and so I did. I wasn't mad at this person but I acted like it. It seems to be a vicious cycle in my friendships. I just don't know how to break it.


At 5:06 PM, Blogger Nikki said...

Hey Nina. Welcome back! Thanks for posting again. Sorry to hear about the conflict with your friend. Have you tried telling that person how you feel? When I get upset with Allen I distance myself at first, to find my ground, pray and make sure I am not going to say something I will regret... but I always go to him after I have thought things thru and tell him what is on my mind. I always feel better afterwards and he is always understanding!

Which job did you quit?? Sorry for the long comment. Love you.


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