Monday, February 21, 2005

Being used

My life is still crazy but I decided to procrastinate my studying a little longer :). Who cares about organic chem anyways? I had quite an amazing weekend. Like I said before, weird things always find me. Friday was awesome. I had a teacher in-service "event" where we got treated to a fancy tea room. It was so fun and the place was quaint. It was nice to be spoiled. One of the kid's parents is friends with the owner of this cool tea room in Downingtown. At B,B,&B I ended up going to Wawa with one of my friends from work. He told me he was giving up sweets for lent. I asked him why he gave up sweets for lent if he didn't believe in it (his dad does it so he thinks it's a good discipline). This started a really cool discussion about God, heaven, hell, etc. He kept asking me questions about what I believe and why. I felt like God was definitely speaking through me. Please pray for Patrick. After work I went to the grocery store. A woman came up to my car and asked me for money ($3-4) to get home. She had a young daughter, no gas, and her drunk husband was missing. I had no cash so I told her I would take her to a gas station to get her gas on my card. I was feeling led to give so I decided to go inside and get cash back from a purchase. I gave her $20. She seemed surprised and asked why I was giving her so much when she had only asked for $3-4. I told her that I was giving her so much because God loves her and I wanted to show her that. I don't know what she used the money for, but it was worth it to get that message across. So I thought that was exciting. Opportunites like that never happen to me (or I never take them) and here I had two in one night. Saturday morning Becca, Dave, Marc, and I made an exercise video for Lynette called "Sweatin to the Roomies." It was a lot of fun making it and of course it is embarassing. I went to work after that in a horrible mood for reasons I don't need to discuss. After work I was going to go to Minella's (diner) with friends from BBB. I was leading the way there and I blew out my tire on a curb/divider in the parking lot. It was really stupid of me. It was so loud I thought I had hit a car. I blew the tire, broke the hub cap, and snapped off a lug nutt. The worst part was that Patrick and Katie were following behind and saw the whole thing. It was quite embarassing and I've been told that I will never live it down. My store manager and Patrick changed the tire for me. Sunday morning Becca and I decided to skip Sunday school because we didn't want to be late. We had breakfast and went for a short drive. It was really nice. Sunday we hung out for Lynette's birthday. It was a lot of fun. I definitely miss the days when we would all hang out. We showed the video. I'm sure she enjoyed it. Friends making fools of themselves for you always has its way of touching the heart. We were going to have a girls' night sleepover but most people stayed home because of the snow. Ruth did stay, which was fun. It was like those teenager days when we would all sleep on the floor in the living room. Today I had to work at BBB. It was so nice not having to close because I ALWAYS close (5 nights a week). I had a crappy day though because my boss reprimanded me for something he perceived incorrectly. He is very power hungry and thought something I did undermined his power and was disrespectful. That definitely was not my intention but that is how he saw it. So that ruined my entire day. Have I said recently how much I hate retail? Tonight I went to the Deans'. I met Lynette there. it was so nice to see everyone again. I haven't been there since the summer. The kids are getting so big. I talked to Jeff for a few minutes. He was semi-responsive. Continue to keep them in your prayers. Going to the Deans' definitely improved my day. Well I must go and study for the massive Biology test that I have tomorrow.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Wow, Nina,
You know, I hear these stories from you day by day..."oh yeah, I blew my tire out today...yep, I fell for the fifth time today...oh, ran out of gas at two in the morning...gave $20 to a stranger..." you know the usual, and I don't think anything of it. But somehow reading it on your blog helps me realize just how weird you really are..I mean, uh, how weird it is that these kinds of things happen to you! I love you , you know, even though I forgot to clean the kitchen and it made you mad. I'm sorry about that.


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