Sunday, April 17, 2005


Well my sister's wedding is over. It was a week ago yesterday. I thought it was a beautiful wedding. I loved standing beside her in my beautiful dress and feeling like a princess. I was surprised at myself because I barely cried. I got teary-eyed and two tears trickled down my cheek at one point. This is very unlike me. It was especially hard standing next to my dad and sister and seeing them both cry. My dad had to be both father of the bride and pastor. I'm sure it was pretty hard for him to wear two hats. Cindy and Josh have been through so much juntos and I am so glad that they have gotten to this point. It was awesome getting to see them exchange vows. I was overwhelmed and probably more jittery than my sister was. It was pretty nerve racking. It was fun having Becca, Lynette, Dave, and Marc there and so helpful. Becca and Lynette ran so many errands for me. It was a weekend of different worlds colliding. It was weird having my Philly friends in my home town meeting my old friends. It was also weird seeing my mom's side and dad's side together and in my hometown. I felt like the line of people hugging me would never end. I really did enjoy having everyone together even though I didn't get to spend much time with anyone. So it's so weird to think that my sister is no longer a Reynolds. I am the only Reynolds girl left (and probably will be forever). She is now Cindy Williams. Whoa. Our friend Matt flew in from Colorodo to surprise her. It was so nice to see him. My friendship with him is an awesome example of how God can heal relationships. We went through this rocky period when we didn't speak to each other at all and there was so much bitterness between us. Now there is only a faint memory of that time period. I am really at peace about it and truly love him with no hard feelings attached. God is amazing. My sister looked gorgeous in her wedding dress. I've never seen such a pretty girl in all my life. I now have a brother-in-law. I was so exhausted after the wedding. I couldn't even drive myself home from Marc's on Sunday afternoon. It's very rare for that to happen to me. I took a long and disoriented nap on his couch. I can't believe how mentally, physically, and emotionally draining the whole weekend was. This weekend was hard too. Jeff's memorial service was yesterday. I cried pretty much the whole time. I didn't know him well at all but I had such a burden for him. God has granted me with the gift to feel the pain of others and even cry for them. I really feel deeply for the Dean family. It was so hard hearing his voice and seeing all the love he had for Monica and his kids. It made me think a lot about love. They seemed to have such a deep love and devotion for each other. However, it wasn't rooted in Christ so is it actually shallow? I am very perplexed by this. Please offer any words of wisdom you may have. This month I will have covered pretty much all the big lifetime milestones three weekends in a row. Last weekend a wedding, this weekend a death, and next weekend a birth. I just got back from NYC. I went with people from Eastern to see a Spanish play. It was really good even though it had a few surprises (like a completely naked man). It was so great speaking Spanish again. I really want to practice more because I am so rusty. I am really glad I went. I had a really nice day with Marc. It was nice having some quality time with him because it has been so long. Well I am going to go home and veg a little before I study for my test for my evil bio class.


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