Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How did I end up on "Judge Judy"?

I walked into my afternoon meeting thinking I wouldn't look professional due to paint all over me. Little did I know that was the least of my worries. I thought it would be a nice easy meeting, 30 minutes max. I was wrong as the half hour turned into 2 hours. The meeting seemed like a custody disagreement between a divorced couple. They kept on arguing about a lot of different issues that have nothing to do with the kid's speech and language issues. It made me so sad to sit in that meeting and see how they treated each other. They were once a couple in love who planned on spending their lives together. How did it come to this? The sad part is that the kids are the ones who suffer. The kids will grow up in that environment and be witnesses to that kind of relationship........How incredibly sad.


At 4:44 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Oh, gosh.......that IS sad. I'm sorry you had to sit through that....and I'm sorry that child has to live with that. If they're like that with someone watching them, I'd hate to think what they're like behind closed doors.

Maybe God allowed you to see that so that you can minister to the child?

At 6:49 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

My post is coming on Sunday. Stay tuned. Can't wait...................


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