Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just need to vent!!!

I am so sick of people messing up and then I have to take the blame for it or I have to fix it. I am doing afterhours evaluations and they are starting to overwhelm me. So a little background although it probably won't make any sense anyways. By law I have 60 days to complete an evaluation and have the report sent home to the parents. It has been taking me about 2 weeks (so only 14 of those 60 days) to write them. Today I had the itinerant education teacher approach me and ask me if I had finished writing up a report from an evaluation I did last Wednesday (yes only 7 days ago leaving me with 53). I said no and that he was 4th on my list. My general rule is that I do the reports in the order I did the evaluation in. She told me that his report was overdue because of her carelessness (well she didn't say that, but that's the was an oversight on her part). I told her I would finish it by the end of the week. I just got an email from the service coordinator (the person in charge of organizing the services a client receives) saying she needed the report right now and to make it a priority. The itinerant ed teacher had emailed her and told her that I said he was fourth on my list even after she had said they were out of compliance. She had twisted it to being my fault and it seemed like I wasn't cooperating by putting that report at the top of my list. So now I have to bump other kids whose reports need to be done and cancel my plans for tonight so I can write that report tonight. It also bugs me that they waited until today to tell me when they could have mentioned it from the beginning so I knew it was a sticky case and a top priority. Why can't people just do their jobs?


At 5:15 AM, Blogger Jessica said...


I'm dealing with something like that myself....except it's Boss Man who's putting me in the situation. I can't do anything on these homeowner issues until I talkl to him and get his go-ahead, but he's NEVER (I reapeat NEVER) available for me to talk to him. Hence, things build up, time passes, and I look like I'm the one who's not doing my job. Boo.

Hang in there, and vent away.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Can I just say how good it is to see you pop up in my comments so often?


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