Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In defense of Pennsylvania and New York

Ok here are some pictures to defend PA and NY. I wanted to show that it is possible for these states to have pretty colors even if Becca doesn't think so. I think it depends where you go in the state. Becca, you are using Southern PA as your example and it just isn't fair to the rest of the state :). It's the same thing with those people who use New York City to describe New York State. You have never lived anywhere in PA but in the south.

Some of the pictures are blurry because I was driving for some of them and it was pouring down rain. I think it looks like an impressionistic painting so I like it!! As you can clearly see there is red, and the red was breathtaking. The whole drive through the mountains is breathtaking. I always love the drive to NY but Fall is especially beautiful. Pictures never seem to do the scenery justice though, as y'all know :).

I like the contrast between the dark green and the red and orange.

I wish I had the chance to take more pictures but I wasn't able to. The trip up was pouring down rain, and I was running late for church on the trip back.

This tree is in front of my parents' house. It is starting to turn colors so it looks like it has highlights from a salon (notice that it's a maple Becca :)).

A look at the tree from farther away. I am amazed at how big it has grown. It used to be the little tree that my friend threw her bra into. My grandmother saw her bra and thought it was two black birds fighting in the tree (she has Alzheimer's).

This bright red tree is in front of Cindy and Josh's house. I think it is a maple as well.
A closer look at the red leaves just for Becca.

I see red in the mix.

I actually didn't post this for the colors. It is the street that the cottage is on. I put these on here so y'all can see the cottage in the Fall.
My cute little cottage. My parents planted the white birch in front when we first got the cottage. It has grown so much too!!

My dad was saying that we got jipped this year with foliage changing. It has been a warm, relatively dry Fall. The leaves usually aren't as bright if that happens. Peak season definitely seems later than it usually is.

I wish that I had more pictures to show but I hope this helps to prove my point. New England is amazing and has a special kind of Fall charm that can't be captured anywhere else. I am not trying to undermine the beauty of NE in the Fall at all. I am definitely part NE girl at heart. However, I don't think the beauty of PA in the Fall is less beautiful. I just love covered bridges and little streams and back country roads with Fall foliage.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Those are beautiful but I'll have you know that the pictures I posted on my blog of PA and NY were Northern PA...and midstate NY. Also, for the latitude, I believe I was a BIT before peak season. And I must say, the leaves TRULY WERE better in New England. That's not just my opinion, they WERE! and I'm talking about lattitudes of PA and NY that are almost comprable to where you grew up, not just down here...which btw is totally and completely turning out to be just as bland as the Philly area. I mean, no one visits New York or PA to see fall foliage, they go to New England. I can't help that where I grew up has the best foliage! Although I wonder how Canada and WIsconsin, and other VERY northern states compare? I think it's all about a perfect mix of a good cold snap adn the right types of trees.

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Okay, after that tirade of impatience that couldn't wait until after I finished reading the blog I read the entire thing and realize that you agreed with me in the end anyway...or, rather, i agreed with you. Whatever! I have to say in defense of my pictures from last weekend, that it was just BEFORE peak season, so there was more green into the mix. However, there were pictures of SO MANY beautiful places that I failed to take where it was simply overwhelming how much color there was...and I guess it was more than the color, you're right. It's the color coupled with the charm of the NE countryside. New England really is beautiful because it's quaint, but quaint in a refined, modern sort of way. It's ESTABLISHED....and your pictures are beautiful here. I wa sonly jealous that I wasn't there with you to whitness them!

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

BTW the tree in front of Josh's and Cindy's house, though beautiful isn't quite my favorite red...it's mroe of an almost red burgundy.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

This is one area that I will not ague with y'all about. Your leaves do, in fact, do prettier things in the fall than ours do. We have too many evergreens. There are some trees across the street from my window here at work that have changed this week, which has been cool to watch. My favorites to watch - year round, actually - are Bradford Pears. They're amazing. Our neighbors have those.

At 5:39 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Recordaras un video espanol para tu blog? Espero que si....pero si no quieres, entiendo tambien. Todavia me hace nerviosa. Hice un video ayer, pero era horible y no quiero ponerlo online. Yo se que debo, pero no quiero.

Mi hermana estaba mirando mi blog y el post con el espanol le confunde. Es interesante y increible para mi que podemos hablar y entendemos lo que decimos, pero la mayoria de la gente que lo lee no puede. Scott, por ejemplo. El me dice, "Si. Es espanol. Entonces, YO NO SE LO QUE DICES!" Creo que le frustra. Piensa que es interesante, pero no entiende. Es extrano.

At 5:41 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Necesito practicar el subjuntivo, proque hay cosas que quiero decirte pero no recuerdo como hacerlo. Como siempre.....odio el subjuntivo. (Hay todavia cosas que nunca cambian.) Porque tiene que ser tan dificil?????


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