Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snoring pig, 24, and bad days

So I have nothing really to write. I am just trying to waste time because I am locked out of the office at La Salle. I am supposed to be working, but I finished what I needed to do. The secretary went to lunch and locked the door. I guess it's a good time to catch up on blogs and such because all of my school work is locked in the office as well. Ok so about the snoring pig....Monday night Marc and I watched 24 with his family at one of their parishoners' houses (Amy and Marc's grandmother are house-sitting). They live on a farm and have a big screen TV. They also have a menagerie of animals (inside the house, not in the barn). There were 2 dogs (one is the Yerringtons' little dog, the other a black lab), a cat, and......a POT-BELLY PIG. I was a little intimidated by the pig. It was very cute, but you don't expect to see a pig roaming around the house, making all kinds of grunting noises. So we watched 24 while these animals roamed about. The Black Lab (named Picasso) sat on Marc's lap. Marc kept rubbing Picasso's stomach and head causing him to repeatedly kick me. After Marc found out the dog was kicking me, he persisted in order to annoy me. The cat (Henry) decided to sit in my lap while the dog kept kicking me. Meanwhile the pig fell asleep in the background and was snoring. I never thought I would be watching 24 with so many animals, let alone a snoring pig. It was a lot of fun. Monday was a really good day. Now Tuesday was my bad day. It wasn't even really stressful at work because of the PSSAs. One thing happened and caused my entire day to be ruined. I hate how one little thing can wreck an entire day if you focus on it too much. It wasn't a huge deal but I let it bother me. It was the kind of day where I wanted to go home, crawl into bed, and hide under the covers. However, I couldn't do that because I had to go to La Salle for class. I am pretty good at hiding my feelings when I am at La Salle (and around people who don't know me extremely well) but everyone could tell because I had a lot of people ask me what was wrong. I made it through the rest of class and felt a little better after. It's sad that class was able to cheer me up a bit :). Today I feel better too. It is a nice day and I have a break from my job today. I am working at La Salle but it's really low-key and what I needed today. I also got a decent night of sleep so I actually feel refreshed. Well that's all for now. I will try to be better at keeping up with reading and writing blogs but I can't promise anything :) least until May. I wish I had access to blogger at school so I could keep up with it while I am there. My school has a high security website blocking system that blocks EVERYTHING.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Ha! A snoring pot-belly pig! And can you believe Logan got stabbed???? Whoa! Scott and I totally didn't see that one coming. We were like, "Um....didn't she just do what she was so mad at him for doing???" Crazy stuff. THanks for making me laugh with the pig story. I'm so sorry you're still overwhelmed and stressed....I know what you mean about wanting a job that allows you to just go home and forget about the day, with no responsibility that will still be there tomorrow. I've thought about that a lot. Just hang on to God and listen to your CDs and remember that He cares for you and wants to carry your burdens for you. Hang in there, chica. Just a few more months, and you're DONE. I love you!

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Joe and Matilda told me about their pig...but I never conceptualized what it must be like having a pet pig until your blog!


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