Thursday, April 28, 2005

Another victim of the blog

I am so glad that I recovered that last blog. It was last for what I thought would be forever. I found it miraculously though, waiting to be published in my blog. So you all get to read it rather than it being lost forever. I can't write much because I need to do biology homework. I am struggling this week with hypocracy. Everyone around me seems to be wearing bright neon signs that say, "I'm a hypocrite." I know that human beings are hypocrites but I seem to be paying more attention to it lately. I really can't say why. I guess I'm just tired of people saying one thing then doing another. It's hard to see holy people do unholy things. I know that everyone sins and no one is perfect. That is obvious. But it is still hard to see people compromise and make exceptions for certain things but not others. I know it bothers me so much to see it in other people because I am a huge hypocrite myself. This week has been another whirlwind week. This weekend I am going to Connecticut because my grandmother had a stroke. We aren't sure how much time she has left. My family is going to see her and I decided to join them. It is a horrible thing to say but I almost feel like I lost her awhile ago. She has severe Alzheimer's and hasn't recognized me for awhile. Still, I feel like it is important for me to go and say my good-byes to her. We don't know if this is the may be only the beginning of the end. I want to be there for my mom because I know it will be hard to see her mom so sick. Anyways, I really need to go. Oh Nikki, wish Allen a belated Happy Birthday for me. I remembered the day of his birthday but never got a chance to say anything.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Nikki said...

Hate the sin not the sinner. It is really hard to fall into the pattern of hating the sin and not the sinner. This I know because a few years ago I let myself fall away from God because of how discusted I was with the people at church, how hypocritic they were and non-Christ like. Sometimes the church environment was the worst for me to be in, because of being made fun of, or the gossip, and I just wanted to get out, so I stopped going to church. Mainly because I felt that they were so hypocritical. Indeed I to am a hypocrit. I said something to a student a couple weeks back about a sin a friend was commiting, and she translated it to "Hate the sin not the sinner." in this case that statement is key. It took me along time to realize that it isn't something that they can control. They are, as you said just human, humans make mistakes. We are sinners. In time you will come to terms with it, just as I did... but in the mean time remember this... Hate the sin, not the sinner and that every sin is equal in God's eyes. Murder is not greater than lieing, but equal.

As for the topic of love. There is but one type of Christ love. That can be found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 & 13. Then there is the 1 true love of God, which can be found in John 3:16 (I'm sure you know this one!) and then their is worldly love. The love of money and material possesions. To say that their love was not Christ like, yes maybe it is true that Jeff did not have Christ in his heart, but did Monica? If she did, she was loving Jeff, just as Christ called her to do. In the same way we should love others who do not know Christ. That is Christ's love. Patience when they are sick. Understanding when they are confusing.
Well, maybe I'm just rambling so I should just stop here :-)
Hope you had a good weekend and I'll tell Allen u said happy bday.


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