Monday, August 21, 2006

The Tale of Two Tires

So I have a car story to tell but it's not as exciting as it could have been. I basically follow the motto: "If it aint broke, don't fix it". Well last year in October after I crashed my car into a tree and finally got it back after 6 weeks in the shop, I took it to Pep Boys to have the brakes done (they are what casued the tree crashage in the first place). At that time I was told to get two new tires because they would never pass inspection. Like I said I believe in "If it aint broke don't fix it" so i decided to wait to see if my car would pass with its current tires. It did so I did not buy new tires 10 months ago. Well at the end of June my mom and I were driving to Baltimore and my car was shaking badly and my brakes were really bad too. My mom was freaked out and I was a little bit too. I got the brakes fixed because my car was fishtailing when I hit the brakes and I did not feel like crashing into anything again. I went to the same Pep Boys and they recommended some work with the tires. I chose not to let them do it because they had messed my brakes up. They always try to get you to spend more money. My car was still shaking if I drove over 75. So i sucked it up and drove only 70 on the highway. Everytime I drove to fast it felt like my car was going to blow up. I was told by many people that my tire was flat at least once a week. I would go to put air in it (free at Wawa) and continue on my merry way. I drove this way for close to two months. My managers always told me my tire was flat, my neighbor left a note on my car, and I was even flagged down once by someone driving behind me. I would go and fill the tire until the next time it became flat. I decided to wait until Sept or Oct when my inspection is due. I had been driving long distances on it for most of the summer too. Well on Sat I went to put air in it before I left for NY. I looked at my tire and it looked like it was splitting around the edges. It didn't concern me at the time so I filled it with air and drove to NY on it. On my way up I had images of my tire bursting open and me losing control of the car. This didn't concern me too much either. At lunch the next day I casually mentioned my splitting tire to my family. They freaked out and told me I could have been killed. I still wasn't too concerned. We went outside to look at the tire. My dad and bro-in-law Josh noticed that both passenger side tires had NO treads. Josh said that the wire in the back one was starting to come through. I became a little concerned and said I would fix it this week in Philly. Josh repeated that my wire was poking through and I needed to fix it before the drive back. My parents took it to get fixed. So I had to pay for two new tires. The amazing thing is the difference in gas mileage. On the way to NY (with the bad tires) I used a little over 3/4 tank of gas. On the way back to Philly (with the good tires), I used a little over 1/4 tank of gas. Amazing huh? My car also doesn't shake anymore. It's amazing that the shaking was caused by bad tires. It's also amazing that God protected me from a bursting/exploding tire. That would have been bad.


At 4:55 AM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

Two things...first of all call me... I have errands to run getting a new social security card in norristown and maybe going to school to start setting up my classroom...wanna come? I know sounds fun...and the rest of the week we don't have much planned...tonight we don', thurs we don't during the day and Friday we have a date with the tele to see Monk and Psych cz I kinda like those shows.... so it will have to be an on the fly sort of get together cz we're trying to get a lot done here before I sell my soul to the work force and grad school again....anyhoo....
I had the same thing happen to my car. One of my tires was bad and I was drivinghome to CT from college and I don't know anything about cars so I had no idea why my car was shaking so badly and pulling to the right...especially when I was driving at fast I pulled into a rest area with by sheer "coincidence" happened to have a repair shop and they said the tire had to be replaced and did it for me and said I could have died cz it could have blown on me and it was amazing that it hadn't and I was safe! It's wonderful how God keeps us even when we're downright stupid....oh yeah, I'm busy tomorrow all day...forgot. Definitely going to put together my classroom tomorrow!

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

The same thing happened to my mom, too. She kept laughing when she'd get home from somewhere and saying that her car had gotten spunky because it was all of a sudden shaking its hips all the time. Scott and I got in it with her, and despite the humor of her spunky little car shaking her hind end at everyone, it was scary! Scott took her tires off and found one that was completely stripped. Wires hanging out and a big old blister-looking thing right on the spot where the treads would have been. No good, and I thanked him profusely for saving my mom's life.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Beccalynn said...

HA HAAAAAAA!!!! I just reread an old post...the one where I was so excited about that teaching job in China that I wanted you to take and I was "about to explode" according to Jess (she was right)...just want to add that the persistant cat catches the mouse! Sometimes it pays to be downright annoying! And I know you love me! Did you notice from my posting that it's 3:30am? cz it is. Just thought ya'd like to know!


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